What’s Next For Technologist Eric Pulier

Some of the most extraordinary people on the planet aren’t household names. Unfortunately, this is how society seems to operate. These brilliant minded individuals are on a another level as well as operate in a different class. Technologist Eric Pulier is no exception to the rule as he is one of the many unsung American heros. The great thing about this guy is that he isn’t searching for the spotlight. His mind is on finding solutions for everyday people and this is where he stands out from the crowd. Pulier has a much higher than normal intelligence level than most people. With this intelligence, he has come up with many innovative programs exhibits and solutions.

The guy is literally known as a jack of all trades since he works in numerous industries. These industries would include government, healthcare, technology and education. While growing up in Teaneck, New Jersey, he would always seem to stand out amongst his peers. He studied hard, and he seemed to have asked all of the right questions. Thanks to his high test scores, the prestigious Harvard University would accept him into its prestigious higher learning program. Pulier had a full schedule while in college as he was a column writer and an editor for the prominent Harvard Crimson. Pulier had a wide array of interests. Even though he majored in American/English Literature, he would find himself more vested in information technology. This guy is a true observer of what’s happening around him. Once he gets an idea in his head, the chances of that idea turning into a reality is very high.

Being so versatile has helped him cross many borders, whether it’s working for the government or working in the educational field. Akana Software, Digital Evolution, U.S. Interactive, Service Mesh, Desktone and others are some of his founded companies. Of course, none of this happened by chance. This guy has worked extremely hard to receive this great success. Making smart investments is another way how he has earned his substantial wealth, and he has been linked to many successful capital venture deals. Eric Pulier has the world at his fingertips and only time will tell what he comes up with next.

About Eric Pulier: www.linkedin.com/in/pulier