Why the Future of JD.com Looks Bright

Although JD.com is now the largest online retailer in China, they are being noted for other reasons. Their most recent notable effort right now is their commitment to a sustainable future. How can an online retailer have a commitment for a sustainable future?

It’s their commitment to environmental causes that is noteworthy these days. The company has made many moves to support a better environment, and extensive contributions to social innovation. The core of this is rooted in their Corporate Responsibility Program. This program, launched five years ago, the CSR team at JD.com, has led the company in the effort to being more responsible with the environment.

been diligent about ensuring that each step of their process abides by these principles. This means that from the creation of a product all through the remainder of the process they are mindful of how it will impact the environment.

The company was giving the SEALS award was granted to the company for its outstanding effort toward sustainability. Each year, businesses are recognized for these contributions. Some of the top companies that JD.com was proud to be mentioned with include, Patagonia, Nike, Seventh Generation, and even Apple.

Corporate social responsibility is the name of the game when large companies want and need to make a viable contribution to society. This is why Libo Ma, the individual leading the effort at JD.com, is persistent in building this effort.

The founder of the SEAL Awards has been equally thrilled about the response, specifically because of the positive impact that this consistently makes. One of the things he notes most is the effort that JD.com makes with recycling. Along with their consistency in their digital platform for retail, they are also striving to continue to find new ways to promote sustainability.

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