Anthony Petrello Is Passionate About Charity Work

Anthony Petrello would be the first to tell you that he has been very blessed in his life. He makes more money than any other CEO in America. However, his life also has a lot of tragedy as well. For example, his daughter has an affliction of her brain that is rare. There is no cure for it as of right now. Petrello and his wife have vowed to help find a cure in any way they can. They realize that research will need to be done for there to be any hope of the disease being cured. This is why Anthony has become a philanthropist and donated huge sums of money to various hospitals where research to cure the disease is currently being conducted.

Petrello has admitted on numerous occasions that finding a cure for his daughter’s disease and helping her to live a normal life is all that matters to him. He has also said that he would gladly give away his entire fortune in order for that to happen. Anthony Petrello knows that research can take many years. Therefore, he needs to be patient in order for his big donations to pay off.

Anthony Petrello was a shy kid. He focused on Petrello’s studies because his goal was always to become a lawyer. He made that dream a reality by graduating from the legendary Harvard law school and immediately being hired by one of the top law firms in New York City. He would go on to work at that firm for a dozen years. He made a reputation for himself as being fair and honest with all of his clients. He also proved that he had the skills to lead a large and powerful law firm in biggest city in the United States.

These qualities got the attention of executives who were working for Nabors Industries. They needed a new Chief Executive Officer because profits for the company were dropping steadily over the previous several years. The company was in a complete free fall and the executives needed someone to step in and save the day. Anthony Petrello was the man they decided was right for this very difficult task. They turned out to be right. Petrello put his leadership skills on display by returning Nabors Industries to its former glory. This surprised many business experts because Petrello had no prior experience in the oil drilling industry.

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